Couscous with prawns & mint

I must say that whenever I’m home late from work I’m not always in the mood to cook a dish that will take about an hour to prepare.  I’m a very impatient person so there are days when I even think the 8 minute cooking time of pasta takes way too long. Luckily there’s a lifesaver whenever that happens: couscous! It’s so quick and easy to prepare and you can basically mix it with everything you like. And the leftovers make a great salad for next day’s lunch. And since the weather has been so nice (no, it’s not just raining over here!) I decided to prepare a fresh prawn couscous with mint leaves and lemon, try it out!

Serves 1-2 / 5 min preparation / 15 minutes cooking time / in total 20 minutes

What you need

100 g couscous
1 garlic glove
1 red onion
1 jalapeño pepper
1/2 courgette
150 g king prawns
1 lemon
1 handful of mint leaves
Olive oil

How it works

  1. Boil some water and pour this over the couscous, leave it (covered) for about 5 minutes;
  2. Peel and chop the onion and garlic finely;
  3. Chop the jalapeño into very thin rings
  4. Heat some oil in a pan on medium heat;
  5. Add the garlic, onion and pepper and heat for about 2 minutes;
  6. In the meantime cut the courgette into pieces;
  7. Add the prawns and courgette and cook for another 5-7 minutes;
  8. Add the couscous, some lemon juice, mint leaves, and some salt and peper;
  9. Finish it with some olive oil.



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