Update two

Another update from this pretty city! My aunt came to visit me and we had an amazing time where it was basically all about food (can’t complain). When we were not eating we did some sightseeing. We went to see the Tower Bridge which I already went to before and we visited Ben, Big Ben. Which was pretty impressive we both thought. And we also spotted the London Eye but we didn’t really feel like going in there since the weather sucked and it’s probably better to do that at night or something.






We went to see covent garden as well and of course I had to take the cheesy picture of the typical London phone cell. We had breakfast with cake and we both did’t mind that at all because it was de-li-cious. Covent Garden was a pretty place and we also went to Covent Garden Market which had all sorts of different restaurants.




We used the Underground a lot this day and I must say it’s not my favorite way of traveling. You have no idea where you are and it’s smelly, warm and you also have to walk A LOT to go from one platform to another. Some signs are very lovely though, like this one at Westminster.





We also visited Borough Market which I wrote a hotspot post about. And besides Borough market we went to Broadway Market which was a pretty long ride but so worth it. We had some delicious cookies, like a peanut butter salted caramel chocolate cookie (yes, that’s one cookie). I will write a post about it very soon, stay tuned! We went to Whole Foods as well and I still loved it as much as when I was there the first time two weeks ago. It’s an American food store and it has so many amazing (and very expensive) products covered in the most pretty packages (hotspot post about this soon online!). We lunched in Whole Foods with ramen, which was very tasty.





And when you’ve already eaten that much there’s only one thing left to do: dinner! We went to Soho because there’s plenty of choice. And we were so lucky to find an amazing place in Kingly Court (sort of little courtyard, so cute!) called Dirty Bones (again, post about this place soon online!) and had some amazing cocktails and burgers. The next day the London Marathon started and since we wanted to avoid the busy city centre we decided to go to Brixton, which is about half an hour with the bus from my place. We knew there would be a couple of markets there and we found a great place inside one of them to have brunch. I had a Maple Dream crepe which is basically everything it says it is. Baked banana, nuts, cream and maple syrup; sooo good!





My aunt left and I had some nice days in the office where I worked on my market research and had some meetings. I also helped at a sauerkraut workshop in Bristol, which was pretty damn far (about 3,5 hours). But there was a food market (haven’t seen enough of those already, so why not!?) and the workshop was very interesting.




And that’s the end of update two. It’s Bank Holiday now so I have the day off! Hope you liked this post and stay tuned for the next one!

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