Update one

My adventure in London has begun! I will be doing an internship at Rude Health for three months and when I’m not at work I’ll probably visit a lot of hotspots and hopefully discover some great places to eat. I arrived at my Airbnb room on Wednesday together with my boyfriend who will keep me company until friday. The room looks great and I’ve got a private bathroom (including a bath, whoop!). First day we went out to visit the city of London which is about 30 minutes from here. Oh boy, I have to get used to public transport, so.many.people. I also have to get used to look to the right when normally this would be to the left and the other way around when I cross over, since the cars are driving on the left side (still following?) And I gotta stop freaking out whenever it seems that there’s no one driving the car because the driver’s in the right seat. Well, I’ll probably get used to these things in three months time.


Luckily there are signs like this one on the road to help a little! Then there is the London Underground, a whole different world. I’m so amazed of how many escalators you have to use sometimes to get to the right platform. It must be so deep underground! Don’t wanna imagine what happens if they are broken, won’t be fun to walk all those stairs.


We went to see Buckingham palace (huge!) and piccadilly Circus. Also got some coffee at trafalgar square. We decided to go to Camden where you have this sort of medieval market, very nice!

On our second day we did some groceries and had breakfast at home. We went to see Portobello road which normally includes a market as well, but we were there at the wrong time. Nevertheless it was a very nice road with cute colorful houses.


We decided to visit the Rude Health office already so that I know where I’ll have to go on Monday. Very nice office and people! Afterwards we had a coffee and some cake at Portobello road. I knew a nice place to go for dinner since I read about it in a London tourist guide I got from my sister. We were walking past The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge on our way to the restaurant and well, we figured they were worth a visit!


Apparently Thursday evening was going out night since it was so busy everywhere! There was no room at the restaurant, nor in all the other restaurants we read about. So we searched and searched for a nice place to eat (which shouldn’t be so hard in London, you’d think) and we finally got ourselves a table at Polentaria (they serve a lot of polenta dishes) in SOHO (véry nice neighborhood by the way). The food was not that great unfortunately so I wouldn’t recommend it at all. Always a bummer when you’ve walked a lot to find a nice place to eat and the food is disappointing.

On our third and last day together we went to visit Shoreditch. Unfortunately the weather was exactly what you think it is in London all the time; a lot of rain. So we spend our time in Shoreditch Grind, which wasn’t so bad at all. We had some coffee, banana bread and a chocolate muffin, such a lovely place!


And then my boyfriend left and I was all alone in the big city, so much left to discover! I visited two shows with Rude Health already. One organic food show and one food & drinks show, very interesting! I met some lovely people at the office and worked on my assignment. I will keep you posted on everything I eat, see, and do in this lovely city. Stay tuned!


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