Simply the most fluffy pancakes in the world

When it comes to pancakes I’ve tried many different recipes. Basically I like every kind of pancake and I’m the person who decided to throw eggs, flour and some milk together still very thankful. But when it comes to fluffly pancakes I have an absolute favorite. These pancakes are so fluffly, thick and yummy you don’t want anything else no more, trust me. I’m talking about the American pancakes from Jamie Oliver. I must say, it might be a little unfair to give him the price of best fluffy pancakes in the world, since I like everything Jamie does. But who cares!? You just got to make them! I think the secret is in the whipped egg whites, best idea ever. Instead of milk I usually use almond milk, but you can use whatever you prefer of course, go wild!

serves 4-6 / 10 min preparation / 10 minutes of baking time / in total 20 min 

What you need

3 eggs
115 flour
1 full tablespoon baking powder
140 ml milk
snufje zout
(kokos)oil to bake

On the side

Maple syrup
Greek yoghurt

How it works

  1. Break the eggs and put the whites and yolks in different bowls;
  2. Add the flour, baking powder and milk to the yolks;
  3. Mix this all together with a whisk till a smooth batter;
  4. Make the egg whites sturdy with a pinch of salt
  5. Now use a spatula to fold the whites into the batter
  6. Heat up some oil in a pan on medium heat;
  7. Pour in about three big spoons of batter;
  8. Serve with maple syrup, or Greek yoghurt, blueberries and honey

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